Red Meets Green

We Exist To Encourage, Educate And Empower The People Of Liberia.

Liberia’s red dirt roads and lush green trees are the backdrop for Red Meets Green. Located in West Africa, Liberia’s story is one of both despair and beauty. After fourteen years of civil war and ten years of peace, Liberia and her people are ready for change!

Red Meets Green exists to encourage, educate and empower the people of Liberia. Our main goal is to cultivate hope so that communities will experience positive change. We not only seek to impact the lives of individuals, but also have a deep desire to empower and preserve families. Your commitment to Red Meets Green is vital, and we are thankful that you have joined the journey of bringing hope to the people in Liberia.

The Name

Red represents Liberia's past--death, bloodshed, despair and hopelessness. 

Green represents Liberia's future--life, growth, hope and Truth.

The Green House is a place where Liberians will 'meet green'.

 There is always an open door where people can discover and grow.  It is a safe place where people experience grace and truth. The community center is a place full of the love and the hope of Christ.

Red Meets Green is HOPE for Liberia.

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The Story

The journey of Red Meets Green began in 2007 when Ashley, the founder, traveled to Liberia and spent five weeks working at an orphanage there. By 2008, Ashley was back in Liberia, serving with a small non-governmental organization (NGO). She spent four years working with orphanages, serving as a Relief Program Manager and Child Development Program Coordinator. During those four years, her love for Liberia, the children and the people she interacted with on a daily basis grew. After four years of working with orphanages, God began to sew a new seed in her heart. She began to be pulled in a different direction: her neighbors and the children living in the community. 

In 2007, Ashley saw the need for education, and again in 2008, she became interested in opening a small reading room in her community. The dream was shelved because of a lack of time and resources. So it was no surprise when, in 2011, the dream of a community center resurfaced.

Red Meets Green is a dream that has been in the making for years. And The Green House is the culmination of all of the dreaming, praying and planning. This is truly God's dream for Liberia.

The Green House is a place of promise and hope. It’s a place of education and empowerment. It will be a beacon of light in a community that has endured much hardship. Most importantly, it will be a place where people will experience the love and hope of Christ. 

We can see down the road--women sitting in the palava hut sewing and living life together, children laughing and learning and men feeling empowered so that they can take care of their families. 

Red Meets Green is about all of us coming together to impact the lives of Liberians, which will in turn change a community and even the nation. This is about meeting people right where they are, building relationships and offering encouragement and support. It is about providing resources and opportunities and helping people to make their dreams come true.

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