Red Meets Green

We Exist To Encourage, Educate And Empower The People Of Liberia.

Liberia’s red dirt roads and lush green trees are the backdrop for Red Meets Green. Located in West Africa, Liberia’s story is one of both despair and beauty. After fourteen years of civil war and ten years of peace, Liberia and her people are ready for change!

Red Meets Green exists to encourage, educate and empower the people of Liberia. Our main goal is to cultivate hope so that communities will experience positive change. We not only seek to impact the lives of individuals, but also have a deep desire to empower and preserve families. Your commitment to Red Meets Green is vital, and we are thankful that you have joined the journey of bringing hope to the people in Liberia.

Welcome To Red Meets Green!

Today is an exciting day! It's the launch of the Red Meets Green website! We are overjoyed that you are joining us in changing the lives of the people of Liberia. Red Meets Green is truly a dream come true, and the best part is that it goes way beyond me and my own dreams. Red Meets Green is God's dream for Liberia!  

This marks the beginning of a new journey. I will warn you--it's going to be a beautifully difficult journey. Get ready to share in the highs and the lows, the good and the bad.  We are so excited to see how God's dream will grow--above more than we can ask or even imagine--in the future!

Join us in encouraging, educating and empowering the people of Liberia. Help us bring Hope to a country and people that desperately need it. 

Welcome to Red Meets Green. 

Ashley Stoll, Founder                        

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