Red Meets Green

We Exist To Encourage, Educate And Empower The People Of Liberia.

Liberia’s red dirt roads and lush green trees are the backdrop for Red Meets Green. Located in West Africa, Liberia’s story is one of both despair and beauty. After fourteen years of civil war and ten years of peace, Liberia and her people are ready for change!

Red Meets Green exists to encourage, educate and empower the people of Liberia. Our main goal is to cultivate hope so that communities will experience positive change. We not only seek to impact the lives of individuals, but also have a deep desire to empower and preserve families. Your commitment to Red Meets Green is vital, and we are thankful that you have joined the journey of bringing hope to the people in Liberia.

The Green House Community Center

Red Meets Green provides hope through opportunities. Through the use of a community center, we build relationships with locals and work together to meet needs by providing educational and vocational opportunities. In a country where the cycle of poverty is rampant, we strive to preserve families and provide resources so that men, women and children can learn, grow and bring about change in their communities and country.

The community center will cater to children and adults. Once it is safe to return to Liberia, our main goal will be to get back to Cooper Beach and assess the situation. We will begin our ministry by offering biblical counseling. This was already a huge need pre-Ebola, but we realize that the need will be even greater post-Ebola. This will enable us to work in small groups and form relationships with the people in the community. We hope that these relationships will support open and honest communication about the true needs of the community. When the time is right, we will continue with our plans to offer adult literacy classes, along with vocational skills, business training, and plans for a self-sustaining sewing program. For children, we will offer tutoring, reading time, art and recreational activities. In the future, we plan on hosting community activities, like movie nights and sport tournaments. We have so many dreams about how we can use the community center in the evening as well, like hosting community meetings and holding Bible studies and times of prayer.

Cooper Beach Community

The Cooper Beach community is located about 15 miles outside of Monrovia, Liberia. During Liberia's brutal 14 year civil war, Cooper Beach became home to rebel fighters, and community members recount those stories even today. In the last few years, the Cooper Beach community has experienced numerous tragedies: armed robberies, house fires, car accidents, hunger and even death. Probably the most difficult thing that our community has gone through recently was the senseless murder of a local business owner in front of his shop. Out of fear, the community went into hiding until the suspects were caught.

Cooper Beach is ready for change. 

Cooper Beach needs hope.

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