Red Meets Green

We Exist To Encourage, Educate And Empower The People Of Liberia.

Liberia’s red dirt roads and lush green trees are the backdrop for Red Meets Green. Located in West Africa, Liberia’s story is one of both despair and beauty. After fourteen years of civil war and ten years of peace, Liberia and her people are ready for change!

Red Meets Green exists to encourage, educate and empower the people of Liberia. Our main goal is to cultivate hope so that communities will experience positive change. We not only seek to impact the lives of individuals, but also have a deep desire to empower and preserve families. Your commitment to Red Meets Green is vital, and we are thankful that you have joined the journey of bringing hope to the people in Liberia.


The Hope Tribe

The Hope Tribe is a collection of passionate and generous fundraisers and donors. It’s a group of people that are committed to providing hope to the people of Liberia, West Africa. Like any good tribe, the Hope Tribe is led by village chiefs. These people are torch bearers among their own village--family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and classmates. Each village sets a fundraising goal and rallies together to reach their goal. The passion, teamwork, creativity and dedication of all of the villages are what keeps the Hope Tribe alive and well. Each tribe member will have access to a private Facebook group with exclusive updates, prayer requests, photos and videos from Liberia. Want to become a part of Hope Tribe?


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Please let us know whether you'd like to be a chief, or if you'd like to be connected with an existing tribe.

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